Benenden’s  A Complete Education

Benenden is a vibrant community which is passionate about education.  Our staff have a wide range of expertise and experience to draw on, from designing and delivering a leading curriculum, to understanding and implementing the latest in pastoral care – we have the knowledge needed to provide A Complete Education. Through our progressive pedagogical approach we have consistently striven to lead with our educational model. From the Benenden Diploma in Years 7 and 8, to the Professional Skills Programme in our Sixth Form, Benenden has demonstrated range and depth in its approach.

Our philosophy for A Complete Education enables pupils to realise both their academic potential and personal fulfilment, ensuring the qualities of confidence, compassion, courage and courtesy are at the core of their education.  Our pupils enjoy their learning and develop intellectual curiosity while achieving a balance in their lives. 

We believe in providing our pupils with the confidence to face the global challenges of the future. We believe in showing our pupils the importance of compassion throughout their lives. We believe in inspiring our pupils to have the courage to consciously steer their lives through School to university and beyond. The vision of the three original Founders of Benenden School lives on into the 21st Century with our global community of schools.

A Benenden education is A Complete Education; we don’t mistake a syllabus for an education.